About Me

Iíve designed and launched multiple high-impact websites, oversaw all aspects of design and development and performed a wide range of visual and coding responsibilities. My educational background in the concepts of instructional design, public relations and advertising combined with my corporate experience in web design and development empower me to create products that effectively persuade, inform, and teach a message.


I understand how the user thinks, learns and what motivates them to take action and incorporate these concepts into modern, clean, user oriented designs for online presence and web applications.





My Work

Architecting web solutions for websites and custom applications such as, CMS builds, Social Media apps, global CMS platforms, HR systems, assessment platforms, and security and prevention applications. Responsible for translating business needs into user-driven, functional approaches. Involved in the entire project lifecycle, from client pitches and proposals, requirements gathering and management, defining the User Experience and conducting UAT, to managing post-launch and migration activities.





My name is Sophia Christodoulou and it's nice to virtually meet you! I'm a User Experience Architect focused on designing solutions for improving human interaction and system functionality of digital products. I specialize in user interaction and functional design for online solutions such as content management systems, custom applications and online marketing.


While you're here you should view my online resume and check out some of my projects. Please feel free to contact me if you need help with your next web project.


Portfolio recent Samples


Johnson & Johnson Global Web PlatformTargeted Engagement Marketing PlatformUSPTO CMS IA


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